Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Knowledge Managers do what they preach - Share Knowledge?

Well a dumb question you might say. But then if you were to take a deeper look at this question you may not find it all that stupid. Well I am aware of a lot of Knowledge Managers who share their experiences to the larger world. Recently I have come across a lot of Knowledge Managers in India who I don't find in any forums or on social collaboration sites. Yes of course India is relatively a late entrant to the KM Universe but then let me tell you though it is late it surely is making up for the lost time. Organizations have a shorter learning curve here and are quickly catching up with organizations globally. There are some active forums like the KM-forums from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore and Mumbai (recently) but really not much participation from the Practitioners. Of course the participation has been more theoretical than experience sharing. I am one of the culprits too. I haven't been active either in this forum. But then I do try to share my thoughts through this blog. This is not just an India thing. The more I explore sites like linkedin, Xing, etc the more I come across people who do KM though they don't really call it that. (Sometime makes me think is KM a dirty word!!). It is pretty ironical that as KM we work towards ensuring that knowledge is shared in our respective organizations but if we were to look at ourselves, we might be at fault of not doing it!! I do understand that it a competitive world out there and some of out cutting edge initiatives some of us don't really want to share with our competitors lest they get ahead (if there anyway to prove that in the first place). But then wouldn't it be better if we all benefit together than remain in the dark ages for a day longer!! KM as a discipline some say is on the decline. Well our not working together is not going to help improve this situation any bit. Awake my fellow Knowledge Managers, its time that we worked closely together to collectively more forward.

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Blogger Subash said...

I partially accept to your views. KM is realatively new to india and all IT companies adopting it are still in the exploration stage. This is a lot of push required on people to create and share knowledge rather than a pull and that is why you dont find much ppl sharing how they do KM in their own org. People compete so much for the MAKE award that they feel KM practice is a IP of the organisation( which in a way is accepted). However we do have a K-Community in bangalore where KM's in all org do meet on a monthly basis and discuss on some best practice.

11:14 AM  
Blogger vijeesh papulli said...

Hi Subash,
Thank you for your comments. I am aware of the K-Community in bangalore. The good news is I am relocating to bangalore by end of March and look forward to meeting you all in one of the K-Community sessions.



2:29 PM  
Blogger Manjiri said...

hi vijeesh ,

I need a little help from you . can you please tell me which are he companies based preferably in Mumbai and to some extent willing to share information . I am doing my PhD in Knowledge management .I am faculty in TISS ( Tata Institute Of Social Sciences ) mumbai at school of management

thank you

manjiri amitabh

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

km is a concept that small and large entreprises are condoning in their every day activities to maximize profit margin. well i am a student at University of Johannesburg, South Africa and i will like to ask you a favour like employment opportunities in these field, CI, BI, KM. my email address is vincent is my name.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Yigal Chamish - יגאל חמיש said...

We, KM practitioners in Israel, initiated the Israeli Knowledge Managers' Forum on January 2001, to be a home for all Israeli KM Practitioners, where we can share knowledge and learn together. Make no doubt that it was not trivial to initiate it nor to maintain the professional dialog in it, yet it became a known town square. You are invited to have a look, although it is in Hebrew: You are also invited to have a look in my blog in English:

4:46 PM  

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