Sunday, March 04, 2007

Knowledge Management in organizations - Expectation too high!

Well most of the organizations have some kind of knowledge management system in place. It extends from a simple portal based to system to very complex content management system with web 2.0 extensions. We also have industry accepted knowledge management awards like MAKE which provides us with a list of companies who they consider as KM Leaders. Many of these companies have been accepted as success stories as far as knowledge management is concerned. I have interacted with employees in these MAKE award winner organizations and have found that employees generally are not happy with knowledge management systems and processes in a organizations. Of course everyone does point out to some shinning jewels in their organizations but if asked to rate their experience with KM systems in their organizations on the whole; it really doesn't exactly rock them all the way. Almost every time I hear the answer 'KM in my organization is good but many a times I still don't find what I am looking'. That brings us to the question, are the expectations from employees on what knowledge management systems in an organization should do really too high or are Knowledge managers really not listening to their employees to the extent required? Is there an expectation mismatch? Or will a crystal ball do instead? Hmmm....


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