Thursday, March 29, 2007

Everyone wants to do the strategy!!

Well why not! Who doesn't want to work on building a successful Knowledge Management strategy for their organization? The emphasis here is on the word 'successful'. No strategy can be called successful unless it gives the right results. In most of the organizations it is always easier to get senior management involvement in chalking out a strategy and creating plans and not on actually leading the implementation of these plans. When it finally comes to implementing this great strategy or plan, there is a dilution as far as involvement from the top management is concerned. Therefore one major reason that knowledge management hasn't been implemented properly in many organizations is because of lack of top management involvement in actual implementation of a KM strategy. KM strategy roll-out in an organization has to rolled out as any project with detail project plan. Many a times this roll out only happens for the technology part of the entire exercise and the change management and process part are conveniently avoided. Why does this happen? Is it because it is tough to justify the effort that would go in or that results beyond a point are not quantifiable in an KM initiative in an organization?

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