Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quintura - Search & Find couldn’t get any more interesting?!

How can anyone not write about this search engine? It's user experience really stands apart if you ask me personally. Nope I am not starting any Google bashing session here. To tell you the truth, I still use Google the most. But then something inside all of us always wants to test out the new search engine out there. Well it is this urge that led me to this russian aritifical intelligence based search engine Quintura. What I find interesting about Quintura is it's visual representation of search results. Searching hasn't been so much fun before. Quintura basically displays your search results in two ways. On the left side you see a visual cloud with your search keyword in the middle surrounded by other terms related to your keyword in the some way or the other. And on the right you will see the search results as any other search engine gives us. Now for the stuff that really stands out. To describe that better I would like to do a search on the Quintura and show you.

For example, on typing 'Knowledge Management' on the visual cloud you will various words like information, strategies, portal, technology, knowledge, management etc as separate terms but one has an option to cancel a term from this cloud and this ensures the search results also change accordingly. I can also add a term in this cloud by double clicking anywhere on the cloud and typing in what I want and see the cloud and search results change accordingly. Does this sound cool or what? Also one can narrow down the results by cancelling out terms which one feels is not important for the information he is seeking.

On the whole it is a great search engine, both when an information seeker is looking for exhaustive and specific information. When exhaustive, one can look at all the related terms on cloud and when specific cancel out not so related terms to narrow down your search.

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