Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Knowledge and Analogy of Water flowing in Pipes

Well it all started when.......I was sitting in my office reflecting on the my job of being a knowledge manager. How great it would be if we had a system which basically followed the same principle which is used to distribute water in pipes. Imagine knowledge as water flowing in pipes. You have a pump, which basically stands for a KM system, as any normal pump takes water from a tank or a repository and pumps the water into the pipes (connectivity). Now when anyone wants to use the water he switches on the pipe leading to a low pressure at the outlet resulting in water flowing out to the area which requires it. Thus water flows from area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. In KM perspective the KM system (pump) pushes knowledge from an area where knowledge is required from an area where it is created or processed.

Taking this one step ahead, imagine we have along with the pump, a purification system which basically helps clean up the water, in this case the knowledge on a regular manner. So you have a source for water which can be looked as knowledge created continuously in an organization and then you have a pump and you have a purifier which helps clean the knowledge captured and remove the impurities or the knowledge which is not useful. Hmm this analogy is getting more and more complex. Do I see a clearer light at the end of tunnel by continuing with this analogy? Will add to this soon. Love to hear comments from the readers on this..........



I really appreciate your thought of comparing Knowledge flow with water flow. However Knowledge is such an arena where the Knower most of the times keeps most of the Knowledge within himself and applies only when situation arises. Knowledge always flows from higher potential to a lower potential. Pumping of Knowledge is done by lecturing, professing and mentoring. It is just like waterfall where the water flows after fall in different directions and most of the thing gets spilled and wasted. Only certain amount gets dissipated. Kindly go through some of the wonderful articles written on Knowledge flow dynamics. you may get the needed answer.

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Blogger vijeesh papulli said...

Thanks you for your comments. I am glad you were able to relate to what I was trying to express. I will surely check out articles on Knowledge flow dynamics. I am sure it makes a very interesting read.

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