Sunday, March 26, 2006

Locating Expertise in Organizations

It might sound simple but this is as complex as it gets. First of all who can be called an expert in a particular organization. Even if an organization does identify a person as an expert, are you indirectly saying that someone else is not an expert. Does this cause friction in a team for example? Well what do you do create more experts in your organization. Shouldn't your Learning and Development division work towards this? Does an expert remain an expert? How do you measure the expertise level of an expert? How do you ensure an expert continuously improves his expertise. Even if you do all the above, how do you ensure an expert shares his expertise for the maximum benefit for the organization. I am sure organizations have already thought of these points and have designed a system which can quantify expertise based on the output provided by each expert. I would very much be interested in knowing how systems in organizations are able to combine KM systems and Learning systems together.


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