Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Can knowledge management fail?

There has been lot written about the success of Knowledge Management initiatives in organizations. Many organizations have taken the plunge by starting a knowledge management initiative, what they face now is a situation where the efforts haven't delivered the expected returns. These organizations have made the investments and the last think they want is to see their investments going down the drain. I have observed that even for the so called failed KM efforts, there are always certain sections in the organization that have benefited from KM. The reasons of failure are something we hear very often:

- Lack of clear business objectives
- No clear accountability for people using KM
- KM does integrate fully with Business processes
- Lack of clear goals and metrics to measure performance of KM initiatives

Once the reasons for failure are identified, the organization has to ensure that there is proper documentation of the issues and reasons why the KM initiative wasn't a success and ensure the relaunch inititiave results in quick wins through which they can win back the confidence of the users and then extend the scope to wider variety of projects.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knowledge Management and Innovation in Organizations

I have read a lot about the importance of knowledge management and innovation in organizations. But what I would love to read and hear about is how organizations have actually managed to ensure that knowledge that they manage actually leads to increase in innovation. Is their any study conducted that actually measures how knowledge management increase in innovation in organizations. I have seen organizations do try identifying what the best practices are in their respective organizations but do organiations have any model by which they monitor whether these best practices are reused. Also do organizations have a so called an inovations board which keeps a track of innovations generated in a organization, helps register IPs etc. I would love to hear how organizations like Canon, IBM, 3M encourgage innovation. Is the presence of a strong knowledge management practice in these organizations the actual reason why these organizations register the maximum amount IPs every year?

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